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Tianjin media organized the first training session after the Spring Festival, and this year strives to become the top 36 seed team for the World Preliminaries

January 4th, according to the "Tianjin Daily" report, the National Football Team organized the first training session after the Spring Festival.
Need to work hard to improve the ranking and become the seed team of the top 36 in the world preliminaries.

The Chinese team does not need to participate in the first stage of the 2026 World Cup and 2027 Asian Cup joint qualifiers.
The second stage of the qualifiers (the top 36) will be held in November this year, March and June 2024.
The top 25 teams in Asia and the 11 teams that advanced from the first stage will be divided into 9 groups, with 4 teams in each group for a home and away round-robin match. The top two teams in the group will advance to the next stage and 2027.
Asian Cup.

The new national football team plans to organize the first training camp after the Spring Festival. From March 20 to 28, the national team will go to New Zealand to train and warm up during the national team competition cycle.
The competition cycle of the two national teams in March and June this year is extremely critical. The national football team currently ranked 11th in Asia needs to work hard to improve its ranking through competitions, and strive to become the seed team of the top 36, laying the foundation for the final stage of the preliminaries.

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