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Tomori’s own handwriting: Playing for Milan is of great significance, what kind of celebration scene will it be if the Champions League wins

Last season, in the process of Milan winning the Serie A championship, defender Tomori played a very important role
The important thing is to work.
In the Rossoneri, the England defender became one of the fans’ favorite players.
In the new issue of "The Players Tribune", Fikayo Tomori talks about what Milan means to him…  

Last season, when we won the league title, there was a moment like that.
Although it was only an away game, the atmosphere inside the stadium was 90% similar to that of San Siro.
I heard that our fans have paralyzed the Sassuolo website in order to buy tickets.
Some have spent thousands of euros to get there after 11 years without the title.
The stadium became a sea of red and black, a sight I had never seen before.

After the final whistle, these fans rushed onto the pitch to celebrate with us.
I will always remember someone grabbing my shoulders and shaking me, shouting in English, "Thank you, thank you so much! This means everything to us, you won’t understand!" I thought to myself
Maybe that’s what makes Milan so special.

Scenes like this and the parade to Piazza del Duomo afterward felt like a movie, with some freeze-frames stuck in my memory forever.
How did I get to where I am today?
There are some big moments in it.

Honestly, over the past two years, I’ve thought a lot of times, is this really happening?
Before joining Milan, I experienced a disappointing moment in my life.
I had a good start to my career at Chelsea, but all of a sudden I didn’t know where I was going.
Entering the summer of 2020, when the first day of pre-season preparations began, I still didn’t know which club I represented in the first round of the new season. This situation is not easy.

Fikayo Tomori has experienced many loan careers at Chelsea

Don’t get me wrong, I have many fond memories of Chelsea.
What was the youth team we grew up with like?
We won the FA Youth Cup and the UEFA Youth League back to back, it was an elite era and we played together for a long time.
Our group of players includes me, Abraham, Mount, Solanke, Christensen, Trevor Chalobah, etc. We are a group of teammates who love life.

After that I grew up a lot with my loan spells at Brighton, Hull City and Derby County.
Nobody worked hard to develop me anymore, nobody put their arms around me because it was the Championship and not the Youth League.
That’s the way the real world is, full of promotions, demotions, job changes, etc., not to mention the physical stuff.
I remember once when I was playing at Derby County, I was injured by Famara Diédhiou, a big striker from Bristol City, and I couldn’t move my leg.
The club doctor told me: "I’ve only seen this kind of injury in rugby." This is the Championship!

When I finally got promoted to the Chelsea first team in 2019-20, it was unbelievable!
Not only did I achieve this goal, but some of my teammates did as well.
A lot of times when I was with Abraham and Mount we would say: ‘We’re finally playing for Chelsea!
see yourself.

The most representative of our togetherness was the 5-2 away victory over Wolves.
I scored a screaming goal and Caballero always made fun of my shots in training, so that goal is dedicated to him!

Fikayo Tomori, Abraham and Mount are among the standouts of Chelsea’s academy

After halftime, Abraham said to me: "I’m so tired! I’ve been running!" I said, "Man, what do you mean you’re tired? You’re not tired. You’ve scored twice
Yes, about to perform a hat-trick in the Premier League. Come on!!!”

In the second half of the game, Abraham scored his third goal of the game, and then Mount also scored.
All the boys from the youth team scored and helped Chelsea win the game.
After the game, I sat with Abraham in the locker room and we looked at each other.
In moments like that, we all wonder, do we really believe this happened?
I couldn’t help laughing out loud.

However, everything changed after the arrival of the new crown epidemic.
All of a sudden, I wasn’t playing as much.
I feel like my career is going in a stagnant direction.
I’m not one to get complacent or depressed, but to be honest, my smile disappeared.

Then, a phone call changed everything!
When I told my father, his first question was: "Why did Maldini call you?" I explained to him that Maldini was Milan’s sporting director and he was calling to ask about joining on loan.
The Milan case.
I honestly couldn’t believe this happened during the entire video call.
I just sat there watching him and listening to him without really listening.
I was just wondering: is this really Maldini?
Am I talking to Maldini?
If nothing else, I can still say that I had a conversation with Maldini.

My father is very fond of Milan, he is from Nigeria and grew up in the best era of European football.
At the time, Milan were a team that people felt they were going to win the Champions League every year.