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Traore’s contract depends on the club, sometimes things in the media are untrue

January 7 In an interview with Sky Sports, Wolves striker Traore talked about his previous
Some experiences, after injuries affected the preseason, it was difficult for Traore to get playing time under the former Wolves coach Lager.
In this regard, he said, this is football.

Traore said: "It’s a bit frustrating, my injury lasted for a long time, I felt the pain, I was not comfortable at that time. This is the situation, this is football, you need to let
I just got stronger and now I have no problem at all. You can always get better and that’s what I’ve always been, and every day I try to be better than I was yesterday."

When talking about his future, Traore said: "I think everyone will ask about my contract. For me, the important thing now is to help the team improve and then we will see what happens.
Fans don’t see what’s going on, behind the scenes we have some pressure, they see what’s on social media and sometimes it’s fake."

"The most important thing for the fans is to understand that sometimes what’s in the media is not true, sometimes you need to listen to what the players have to say. Players are under different pressures and for me it’s
Part of the job, I enjoy being a player, I work hard on the pitch, I enjoy the game. As for the contract thing, it depends on the club, the club will talk to me, we will negotiate and see what happens."

Regarding the team’s new coach Lopetegui, Traore said: "He is great, he sent a message to the team, he let us focus on every aspect of the game, we have a sense of what he does.
Confidence, that’s the most important thing. I think mentality is important, when your players believe in the manager it makes a difference on the pitch and we showed confidence in his work, that’s the most important thing."

Finally, Traore recalled the experience of playing for Barcelona. He said: "It was amazing. It was amazing to go back to my hometown, to be back with family and friends. I felt very good. I learned there.
A lot, the way they prepare for the game, the mentality, the situation in the dressing room, etc., I learned from many of them, Busquets, Alves, they all impressed me."

(Ma Dongyu)