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Valerty: renewal is what Paris and I both want, and I am grateful to Paris

December 29-Valerty renewed his contract with Paris Saint-Germain. After the victory over Strasbourg in Paris, Villatti talked about the contract extension and the game.
Villatti said: “A contract extension is what I want and what the club wants, so we quickly reached an agreement, which shows that we all want to continue to go together.”
“I am very grateful to Paris Saint-Germain because he allows me to do what I want to do at the highest level and play incredible games with a group of stars with amazing talent. We have high goals and I am happy to continue to play for Paris. ”
“it was a difficult game tonight and a lot of players missed the previous training. Strasbourg is fighting to avoid relegation and they need points. We always knew it would be a difficult game, but we never gave up. We scored the goal we deserved to win the game and now we are happy to win. ”
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