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Vieira talks about Martin’s celebration: it’s stupid to be at odds with Argentina’s achievements.

December 24-after winning the World Cup, Argentina held a grand celebration parade in the country. However, Argentine goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was criticized for holding a doll wearing a Mbappe mask at the scene. In addition, Mbappe himself was abused on social media after losing the final. French football star Patrick Vieira expressed his views on Martinez’s behavior and what happened to Mbappe.
At a press conference ahead of Fulham, Vieira said: “when you talk about the abuse and criticism Mbappe suffered after the World Cup final, I think it hurts football and hurts Mbappe.” As for some of the photos I saw of Martinez, I think it is at odds with Argentina’s achievements in the World Cup. I don’t think he really needs to do that. Sometimes you can’t control people’s actions and decisions, but Martinez makes stupid decisions. ”
On the songs against Mbappe suspected of racial discrimination, Vieira said: “I am very disappointed because I have heard the same songs as you.” I want to take a picture of Argentine fans showing their passion and love in these games. Of course, they won the World Cup, but they were also the best in the stands. I want to remember that and don’t think about the stupid fans who discredit what Argentina has achieved both on and off the pitch. ”
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