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Western media: Ajax’s offer to Luli has been rejected by Huang Qian, Huang Qian is willing to sell but wants more

January 3 According to relevo reports, Villarreal has
Rejected Ajax’s first offer for Luli, who felt he was worth more.
Luli, who joined Huang Qian for 5 million in 2020, has doubled his net worth in the past two years, reaching 10 million euros.

Becoming a world champion puts anyone in the media spotlight.
In recent days, relevo has learned that Ajax have made their first bid for Villarreal goalkeeper Rulli.

But for now, Rully stayed.
According to sources at Villarreal, they believe the official offer for their world champion goalkeeper is too low and they will not let him go at the moment.
Villarreal is willing to listen to Ajax’s offer, but the current offer does not satisfy Huang Qian.

Negotiations are still going on, Ajax has not given up on signing Luli and will try again for him.

Luli transferred from Real Sociedad to Huang Qian in 2020 for 5 million euros.
In just over two years, his worth has doubled to 10 million, and Rulli has played in important Champions League matches against Liverpool and Bayern Munich.

Right now, his departure is far from happening, at least financially.
But there is a link between the two clubs and Rulli is a must for Ajax.