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Western media: real Madrid’s “ultimatum” requires Mbappe to sign immediately next summer, no more time to waste

According to Western media Defensa Central, Real Madrid gave Mbappe an “ultimatum” and asked Mbappe to sign the contract immediately in the summer.
DC said that for months, people around Mbappe had been leaking information to the mainstream media team newspaper and RMC that he had made the wrong choice to renew his contract with the bus. When Mbappe realized that his promise could not be fulfilled, he even wanted to leave a few days after signing the contract.
DC says Mbappe and Messi have never had a good relationship. After the World Cup final, endless taunts in the Argentine dressing room made their relationship even worse. At the same time, Messi is about to renew his contract with Paris.
Real Madrid will not close the door on the best players in the world. It is clear that Real Madrid’s patience has diminished after the failed attempt in the summer a few months ago, but the possibility remains. It depends on whether Mbappe will break the deadlock and achieve his goal of leaving in 2023.
The situation has completely changed and Mbappe is deeply indebted to Florentino and will talk about other more feasible requirements to urge him to join Real Madrid.