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World: Riyadh triumphantly made a generous offer to Busquets, hoping the winter window would sign him.

According to the World Sports News, the victory of the Saudi team Riyadh has sent a generous offer to Barcelona midfielder Busquets, hoping to sign him in the winter window.
Busquets, whose contract with Barcelona expires at the end of the season, is considering his future and there is speculation that he could leave Barcelona as early as January, sparking more interest in Riyadh’s victory. Riyadh is currently coached by Rudy Garcia, who hopes to sign a midfielder in this winter window.
Cantor’s contract with Chelsea expires this summer and many reports have linked him to the victory of his move to Riyadh, but the latest news from England suggests the player will soon renew his contract with Chelsea. It is reported that Riyadh’s winning offer for Busquets is much more generous than what Barcelona can offer, but it has been shelved and the players do not seem ready to go to Saudi Arabia.
As reported in Sports World, Busquets is in no hurry to decide on the future and is even reconsidering playing for Barcelona next season. At present he is focused on playing against the Spaniard’s fellow city derby and his future is still open.
(Ma Dongyu)