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Wu Xinghan: Winning the FA Cup is a good start for Taishan. I hope we can win the league title this year

January 15 In the final of the FA Cup this afternoon, Shandong Taishan reversed and defeated 2-1
Zhejiang team won the championship.
After the game, Taishan player Wu Xinghan accepted an interview.

Feelings after winning

Wu Xinghan: I am very happy to win the FA Cup. This is the eighth championship of the Taishan FA Cup. This season should be said to be difficult. I am very grateful to the fans for their support. This is the result of the joint efforts of the club and all players.

talk about the last goal

Wu Xinghan: Entering the final, I definitely want to win the championship. In the second half, Hao Wei also arranged for us to strengthen our offense. The last goal was an own goal by the opposing defender.

Cressan can’t play, how is the forward line arranged?

Wu Xinghan: Coach Hao Wei asked us to focus on defense in the first half. The absence of Cressan and Fellaini had a great impact on us, so let us strengthen our defense in the first half and attack in the second half.

The meaning of the championship to the team

Wu Xinghan: This season is not easy. Winning the championship is a good start for the team. I hope to win the league championship in the future.

(Liang Sheng Mo Chen)