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Xu Genbao lamented the death of Pele: the spirit of football all his life is worthy of football players’ respect and learning forever.

December 30-according to a report in Oriental Sports Daily, when Xu Genbao learned the news of Pele’s death in Chongming this morning, he was deeply impressed: “Bon voyage!”
The report said that “Ball King Pele” was 4 years older than Xu Genbao and became famous young. in that era of limited understanding of the outside world, for Xu Genbao’s generation of Chinese footballers, Pele was the only “god” on the world football stage for a long time.
In 1972, at the end of his career, Pele visited Hong Kong, China, with Brazil’s Santos team. Xu Genbao, then captain of the national team, remembered Pele’s conversation in an interview for life.
“at that time, Pele, who was already 32 years old, was at the end of his sports career and helped Brazil win the world championship and reached its peak. He was asked, ‘what else do you need to improve on the pitch?’ “of course there is,” Bailey said. “that’s observation.” On the one hand, it shows that field observation is very important for a good player; on the other hand, football is a process of continuous learning. At a level like Pele, we are very committed to playing in Hong Kong and have to learn to improve. What qualification do our players have to say that they have had enough and that they do not have to practice? ”
Xu Genbao often uses Pele to educate and encourage his disciples. For example, when Wu Lei missed several penalties in key games, Xu Genbao openly reduced pressure for his disciples: “do you know what King Pele is most afraid of?” He said in public that what he feared most was the penalty kick. The king of the ball is afraid of penalty kicks, it is not normal for you to miss the penalty, so don’t carry the burden. ”
When he learned that Pele had died, Xu Genbao sighed: “the most commendable thing about Pele is that he has worked for football all his life, and this spirit deserves our football players to respect and learn forever.”