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Xu Jiayin & Evergrande Group does not ask, how can the Guangzhou team survive after being relegated?

On December 27, Guangzhou lost 1-4 to Changchun Yatai in the 33rd round of the Chinese Super League, and Guangzhou beat Shenzhen 3-0 at the same time. Guangzhou team suffered relegation one round in advance.
According to the Football Daily reported yesterday, the club investor Xu Jiayin did not ask about the team’s situation.
Guangzhou team is faced with the problem of unpaid wages. At this stage, the Chinese Football Federation and the Football Association have advanced part of the fees to participate in the competition to ensure their hotel accommodation and other related expenses. Evergrande Group no longer gives financial support to the club.
Guangzhou Football Association was suspended from membership for two years after the U15 match-fixing case at the Guangdong Provincial Games. If Evergrande no longer wants to maintain the team, the Guangzhou team may not even be hosted by the Guangzhou Football Association or the Sports Bureau.