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Yang Chen will surely be surpassed by someone in this year’s Junior Junior Championships. I will strive for tickets to the World Junior Championships

January 11th In an interview with “Football News”, U17 junior coach Yang Chen talked about
The situation of the team and his views on this group of players, he believes that there will definitely be someone in this team who surpasses him back then.

Talking about his cultivation of these children, Yang Chen said: “Teaching children to be human is always the first priority.” He recalled the four mentors in his player days——Zhou Guangsheng, Liu Minxin, Jin Zhiyang, Shen Xiangfu, these few
The coach has benefited him a lot, “These masters of mine have not only given me good training and great help at different times, but more importantly, their character is very positive, and they have also taught me how to behave.”

Yang Chen said that the current players selected for the national junior team are happier than when he was a child. “I told them that I have no experience in national junior and national youth. You have become the national football elite at a young age. The country treats you so well.
With a lot of investment, is there any reason not to train well?” In Yang Chen’s view, players aged 16 or 17 are particularly receptive, and they can learn new skills and knowledge very quickly.
He was pleasantly surprised and moved by “the eager look in his eyes” when the child was learning something new.
“In addition, compared with adults, their bodies have a super recovery ability.” He said that the technical training during this period, the injection of tactics and awareness at the same time, coupled with the gradual strengthening of physical confrontation ability, all make those basic conditions
Good players make leaps and bounds.

Yang Chen, who also made rapid progress at the age of 17, later entered the National Olympics and the National Football Team, joined the Bundesliga Frankfurt at the age of 24, and became the first Chinese player to study abroad in the five major leagues. He was elected as the “Mr. Footballer” of China at the age of 26.
… Looking back on his playing career, he said: “God has favored me very much. I have nothing to complain about in my playing experience, and I have not left any regrets.”

In the national youth team, the “attitude is everything” that Milu advocated was incorporated into Yang Chen’s own team building policy: attitude, discipline, and execution.
“Only when we do these three words well, will we have enough cohesion and combat effectiveness.” He said, including telling the players about his player experience, “In fact, we also want to educate them and help them.”

Some people may think that the current players of the national junior team are based in the five major leagues, participated in the World Cup, and were elected “Mr. Football”… It seems out of reach.
But on the afternoon of the 8th, when speaking to the players, Yang Chen said: “I am helping you to achieve these goals, and I believe you can surpass me. There must be someone here who can surpass me!”

In this regard, Yang Chen revealed: “It is certain that they surpass me, and I especially believe in this. Why? At this age, they are already ahead of many people, including me back then; as long as they keep working hard along this road
If I go on, someone of them must be able to surpass me.” 

In Thailand in June, 16 teams participating in the Asian Junior Championships will compete fiercely for the 4 places in the World Junior Championships.
“I told the team members that the right to the Asian Cup finals was won by you yourself. In the next big exam, you will fight for the tickets to the World Junior Championships. It is for the honor of the country and for yourselves.”

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