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Zhan Jun: Messi is the king of the ball and the god of football. Argentina is the champion of the World Cup!

December 19-in the World Cup final, Argentina beat France 7-5 to win the championship.
After the match, the famous commentator Zhan Jun commented: “one of the most classic and exciting finals in the history of the World Cup, the plot is complicated and confusing, and the process is reversed and reversed.” Assassin Mbappe became the first player to score a hat-trick in the final since Hearst in 1966, pulling the French team back from the edge of the cliff almost on his own. But they still lost to Argentina, which has the strongest willpower. Messi is the champion, Messi is the king of the ball, and Messi is the god of football! Let’s shout: Argentina is the World Cup champion! ”
(night god)