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Zhan Jun: the World Cup means that football is moving towards multipolarization. I hope that Chinese football will be surprised in the Asian Cup.

December 20-the World Cup officially came to an end. Zhan Jun, a well-known commentator, issued an article summarizing the World Cup.
Zhan Jun: “good morning! How is this World Cup different from that in the past? In the eyes of Argentine fans, they are finally looking forward to a World Cup belonging to Lionel Messi (and his teammates).
In Invantino’s view, this is another “most successful” World Cup, and FIFA has made a lot of money. Qatar, the host, is naturally satisfied with expanding the country’s influence around the world, which the Arab world is proud of.
What about at the football level? Personally, I think this World Cup also means that football is no longer just a bipolar struggle for hegemony between Europe and South America, but is moving towards multipolarization.
First of all, Croatia has properly joined the ranks of the strong teams in Europe, and only France has achieved better results in these two World Cups. Morocco beat Belgium, Spain and Portugal to reach the semi-finals this time. This historic breakthrough was achieved because they demonstrated the steel defense and rigorous tactical discipline that African teams lacked in the past. Several Asian teams do not have particularly outstanding stars (Sun Xingyi’s lethality has been greatly reduced with injuries), but they use their excellent team spirit and tactical arrangements to tell fans that the gap with European and American powers is narrowing. Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea have all created several big surprises in this tournament.
Finally, my personal expectation: next year’s Asian Cup Chinese football will also be unexpected! ”