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Zhao Junzhe: the development of football is so fast that teams playing in the World Cup have the ability to oppress in high positions.

December 21-in an interview with the Football Daily, Guangzhou city leader and former international Zhao Junzhe talked about his perception of this World Cup.
Speaking of this World Cup, Zhao Junzhe said: “the World Cup is definitely to watch, and the boss is also playing football, so it must be watched.” I often have to see some changes in the rhythm of attack and defense, and whether there are any changes in the use of coaches for different types of players, such as England and Belgium. After watching the first round of group matches, I feel that the development and progress of football is really too fast.
In the past, it seemed to be the privilege and monopoly of some strong teams to play, and only strong teams could suppress their opponents with their strength, but looking at the World Cup now, many teams can form a high pressure formation in a short period of time, especially after conceding goals, which could not be done in the past. ”
On the performance of Asian teams, Zhao Junzhe said: “in fact, Germany played very well in the first half, Japan was fully suppressed, there are more obvious tactical loopholes.” But when the Japanese team made a correction in the second half to play three centre-backs to strengthen the flank attack, the effect was obvious. I looked at the data after the game and found that Japan was completely behind, but won the game in the end.
I worked with Li Xiaopeng to prepare for the World preliminary match against Saudi Arabia, so I may know more about this team. In terms of strength, Saudi Arabia is not weak, and we were well prepared for that game and drew with our opponents. Sometimes we always deny ourselves, do not see the efforts made, and then watch the World Cup, sometimes we may be a little more confident, a little more firm may be better. ”
ZhaoJunZhe’s son, Zi Chen, is also playing football. Although he is not sure whether his son can make the national team for the World Cup, Zhao Junzhe is raising children in this direction. “many years have passed, and our understanding of football is constantly changing,” he said. Success or failure depends on heroes, but apart from success or failure, I now talk more about the deeper things of football with my children, the understanding of the nature of football, rather than simply repeating a certain action or the accuracy of a certain part of touching the ball. Basic skills must be very important and must be required, but only basic skills are not good, and the inside, especially the mind, must grow at the same time or even faster than the basic skills. ”
Sometimes Zhao Junzhe and his father disagree on the cultivation of Zi Chen. His father thinks that Sun Tzu should follow Zhao Junzhe’s growth path, while Zhao Junzhe thinks that football education is already very different. Despite their differences, the aspirations of three generations for the World Cup have never changed.