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Zhou Dingyang: last night was really amazing. Football would be nothing without fans.

On December 24, the 32nd round of the Chinese Super League, Chengdu Fenghuangshan Sports Park Professional Football Stadium ushered in the first show of the Chinese Super League, and Chengdu Chengdu beat the three towns of Wuhan by 1-0. About 30,000 fans watched the game on the spot. Chengdu player Zhou Dingyang sent a personal social media message to thank the fans after the match.
It is reported that the football stadium has more than 60,000 seats, and 50% of the seats in the stands are open to the public. Zhou Dingyang shared the pictures of the audience in his personal social media and wrote: football is nothing without fans! It was a great surprise last night. My players are great and the fans are great! Thank you all for your support. Merry Christmas to all of you!