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Zinchenko: my idol is Ronaldinho. I have been a big fan of Arsenal since I was a child.

December 29, recently, Zinchenko accepted an exclusive interview with the club, he talked about his idol is Ronaldinho, and said that he has been a loyal fan of Arsenal since childhood.
About your idol.
“when I started my career, I was a striker myself, then I was a left winger, then a midfielder, now a left-back. Maybe I will end my career as a centre-back or goalkeeper. But what I like to watch is that when the striker was Ronaldinho in Barcelona, he was incredible. ”
“everyone has his own idol, my idol is Ronaldinho. For me, I would say he is the greatest player of all time. There is no doubt that Messi is also great, but everyone has their own tastes and preferences, but for me, the best is Ronaldinho. ”
About being an Arsenal fan since childhood.
“I have been watching Arsenal and people know that I was a supporter of Arsenal when I was a child. That’s because I also like to watch players like Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas and Dennis Bergkamp, as well as Robin van Persie, which is a great team. ”
“We don’t have many TV channels to choose from, so when I was growing up, I would watch the Premier League, watch Arsenal and watch every game in Barcelona, as well as the Champions League.”
“when I was a kid, my dream came from top footballers, because I wanted to be a footballer, and you didn’t really think of it as a dream, but when you grow up, you will realize that those players and those people have really influenced you and inspired you to do what I am doing right now.”
“I wore an Arsenal jersey when I was 15. Did you see a picture of me and my old teammates on social media? I was wearing this shirt and it was a special feeling at that time because I was a big fan of Arsenal.”
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