100 million, Mudrick became the most expensive “miner’s star”, not necessarily the best miner’s product

Shakhtar Donetsk striker Mudrick became popular in the Champions League this season, with 6
With 3 goals and 2 assists in one game, the 22-year-old Ukrainian striker has won the favor of many European giants.
At present, Chelsea has finalized Mudrick for 100 million euros, and the two parties will sign a contract for 7 years. Mudrick has thus set a team history transfer fee record for a player sold by Shakhtar Donetsk.

However, the most expensive is not necessarily the best. If Mudrick wants to become the best player sold by the Shakhtars, there are still many mountains to climb.
The star has enjoyed great success in Europe’s top leagues.

The “Three Masters of Miners” from Brazil

When it comes to the excellent players sold by Shakhtar Donetsk, the “Brazilian Gang” must never be avoided. Brazilian stars such as Fernandinho, Douglas Costa, William, and Fred are all famous after the Shakhtars became famous.
Then land in the five major European leagues.

Since 2004, the miners have embarked on foreign aid to dominate the frontcourt, local players are responsible for the road of team building in the backcourt, and most of the foreign aid chosen are young people who are still working hard in the Brazilian league.
With the help of scouts’ excellent vision, the miners recruited many Brazilian stars of tomorrow at a relatively low price, and waited for these South American talents to realize their potential before selling them to the five major leagues.
Bowl overflowing.

In 2005, the miners spent 7.8 million euros to introduce Fernandinho from Parana Sporting; in 2007, William switched from Corinthians to the miners, worth 14 million euros;
Ao bought Douglas Costa.
These three are the famous “Brazilian Three Masters” in the history of Shakhtar Donetsk.

After several years of hard work in the Ukrainian League, the “Brazilian Three Heroes” who used the miners as a springboard gained fame and went to the top European leagues.

In 2013, Fernandinho joined Manchester City for 40 million euros.
Since then, he has played for “Blue Moon” for 9 years, played 383 games and helped the team win 5 Premier League titles.
It wasn’t until last summer that the 37-year-old Brazilian midfielder bid farewell to Manchester City and returned to Atletico Parana.

William also left the Miners in 2013 and joined Anzhi for 35 million euros.
After playing in the Russian Super League for less than a year, William switched to Chelsea again, and then created the greatest glory in his career.
William played for Chelsea for 7 years and won two Premier League titles and a Champions League title for the “Blue Army” as the main force.
In August 2020, William left Chelsea and switched to Arsenal. A year later, he returned to his home team Corinthians. This season, William returned to the Premier League and joined Fulham.
It is worth mentioning that in the Premier League match between Fulham 2-1 Chelsea on January 13, William bravely killed his old owner and broke the goal of the “Blue Army”.

Among the “Brazilian Three Masters”, Douglas Costa was the latest to leave the miners. In the summer of 2015, Bayern spent 30 million euros to buy the Brazilian winger.
After playing for Bayern for 3 years and winning two Bundesliga titles with the team, Costa switched to Juventus. In Serie A, he won three more league titles.
Last summer, Costa left European football to join the Los Angeles Galaxy of the American Major League.

Armenia’s “Ball King”

In addition to buying Brazilian players at low prices, Shakhtar Donetsk is also keen to introduce low-priced Eastern European players and then sell them at high prices through “reprocessing”. Mkhitaryan, known as the “Armenian King”, is the most typical example.

In 2010, the miners bought Mkhitaryan for 5.8 million euros, and then sold it to Dortmund three years later for a transfer fee of 27.5 million euros.
Since 2013, Mkhitaryan has never left a top club. He has played for Dortmund, Manchester United, Arsenal, Roma, and Inter Milan successively, winning a Europa League title, a UEFA Europa League title, a League Cup title,
Two German Super Cup winners.

To this day, the miners still retain their preference for Eastern European stars. More than a month ago, Shakhtar Donetsk signed Georgian international Giorgio Godjoreshvili from Saburtalo.
Perhaps in a few years, the 21-year-old all-rounder will also enter the five major leagues.

Local youth trainees emerge in large numbers

Shakhtar Donetsk not only has a good vision for signings, but also is effective in youth training. Over the years, many of the players sold by the Shakhtars have also come from local youth training.

Ukrainian football legend Tymoshchuk (Chinese art name: Shock when Lonely) was born in the youth training of the miners. In 2007, he was sold to Zenit by the miners, and then helped Zenit win the UEFA Champions League and the European Super Cup
The champion became the most influential star in Eastern Europe for a while.
In 2009, Tymoshchuk was poached by Bayern, and won two league titles and a Champions League title with the Bundesliga hegemony.

In recent years, among the players who have made their name in the five major leagues as miners’ youth training, Zinchenko has achieved the most.
From 2017 to 2022, he helped Manchester City win four Premier League titles, four League Cup titles and one FA Cup title.
After switching to Arsenal this season, Zinchenko’s performance has become more and more outstanding, and he is considered by the media to be the key figure for the “Gunner” to reborn and lead the Premier League.

Now, with the rise of Mudrick, it means that another Shakhtar youth player is about to land in the five major leagues. In the current Shakhtar Donetsk team, there are actually several local youth players.