90min comments on the top 50 historical coaches: Sir Alex Ferguson ranks first, Guardiola Jose Mourinho is in the top 10

December 24-90min Football named their top 50 managers in football history, of which Sir Alex Ferguson deserved to be ranked first, Guardiola Jose Mourinho fourth and ninth respectively.
Among the other well-known managers among the fans, Carlo Ancelotti ranked 11th, Fabio Capello 16th, Klop 21st, Ars è ne Wenger 30th, Zidane 34th and Conti 44th.
The world’s top 50 coaches TOP10:
1. Ferguson
two。 Saki
3. Micheles.
4. Guardiola
5. Trapattoni
6. Cruyff
7. Harper.
8. Herrera.
9. Mourinho
10. Paisley