A Fermata is the great progress I have made since joining Manchester United with my father Ganajo

January 3rd In an interview with Revelo, Manchester United teenager Alvaro, who is on loan from Preston
-Fernandes talks about Ganaccho and Mata.

Talking about Ganacho, A Fei said: "He is very brave. Since he came to Manchester United, he has made great progress. The team gave him a chance and he did incredible things. He was one-on-one.
Never backing down, very brave and that’s very important in England."

A Fei joined Manchester United from Real Madrid in 2020. He said: "Ganacho, Mejia, Puigmar, they are my family. Although it will be in the lockdown period, we will still meet privately."

Speaking of Mata, A Fei said: "Mata is my father at Manchester United. He is a Spaniard and is very close to me. So is De Gea."