A large number of fans commemorated Miha outside the hospital, and his good friend Mancini came to see him for the last time.

Italian football star Mikhilovich died of illness yesterday. According to Emanuele Zotti, a reporter of La Gazzetta dello Sport in Rome, many fans spontaneously went to Miha’s hospital for mourning, and his good friend Mancini also came to see him for the last time.
Miha was staying at the Paideia Hospital in Rome, and when his family announced that Senisa had died, a large number of fans spontaneously came to the outside of the hospital. Some of them are Lazio fans, some are fans of arch-rival Roma. Mikhilovich played for two clubs when he was a player, and he also won the respect of two fans. Yesterday’s moment of silence was not organized by any group, but a group of football fans wanted to pay their respects to Miha for the last time.
The first people to arrive at the hospital were not fans or reporters, but Miha’s family and friends. At 03:30 yesterday afternoon, Miha’s wife and children all came to the ward to get as close to the soldier as possible. many people have been quietly waiting in the hospital for more than five hours. and try to wave to the outside world, there is no smile on everyone’s face, just want to spend the last day with Miha in a calm state.
Roberto Mancini, a good friend of Miha for many years and head coach of the Italian national team, also arrived at the Paideia hospital at the last minute. He drove alone and entered the hospital through the side door. When he left, he did not give any media interviews, but chose to mourn his friends through the official website of the Italian Football Association.
Miha’s funeral will be held next Monday at the Cathedral of Notre Dame of Angels and Martyrs in Rome. The funeral service will be held at the clinic today and in Capitorio Square tomorrow.