A visa makes it difficult to study abroad

On February 6, the Shanghai women’s football official announced that the women’s football international Tang Jiali ended her contract with the Spanish team CFF Madrid and returned to the team.
It is understood that Tang Jiali was forced to stop studying abroad because of visa issues.

In the past, many Chinese players gave up studying abroad due to reasons such as being recruited by the Football Association or due to their competitive status.
Xie Hui and Fan Zhiyi 20 years ago, now Wu Lei and Zhang Yuning.

Only Tang Jiali stopped studying abroad because of visa issues.
So, what kind of visa stumped the sonorous rose?
What was the process of her marriage and ending with Madrid CFF?

In June 2021, Tang Jiali, who had been the savior many times in the Olympic preliminaries, was unexpectedly not selected for the Tokyo Olympics squad.

At this time, she had already got several offers from European clubs.
One from Madrid and one from North London.

The former was sincere and eager to ask for help, so he offered Tang Jiali a 2-year contract.
Tottenham intends to rent for one year.
Under the advice of many people, Tang Jiali went to the Premier League, which is more commercialized, influential and competitive.

On July 21, the only overseas player joined the Premier League.
On the same day, Jia Jiajun 0-5 Brazil in the Olympic Games.

One year later, Madrid CFF once again handed over a two-year loan contract and invited Tang Jiali to La Liga.

According to FIFA’s Transfer Regulations (TMS), the club’s maximum single loan period is 1 year.
In the end, the two sides reached a 1 1 agreement.
The contract stipulates that if players choose to leave in the second year, the new team can only be other European leagues and Chinese clubs.
If you go to other La Liga teams, you need to give Madrid CFF a certain training fee.

In May, the two sides reached an agreement, and then the team began to apply for a work permit to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, and Tang Jiali returned to China on June 1 to apply for a visa after a few days of rest.

After landing in Chengdu, during the 14 7 quarantine period, Tang Jiali began to prepare some visa documents.
However, procedures such as medical examinations need to be completed after the quarantine is lifted on June 21.
If everything goes well, the preparation of all materials will take about a month, that is, around July 21.
The time for the Chinese women’s football team to go to Japan is July 17.

As the new champion of the Asian Cup, the performance of the Chinese women’s football team in the East Asian Cup needs to be guaranteed, and Tang Jiali does not want to miss any national team games.

After returning to China, Tang Jiali was recruited into the team and participated in the training camp in Qingdao, preparing to go to Japan to participate in the East Asian Cup.
In this way, in order to cooperate with the whole team to submit passports for Japanese visas, the time reserved for Tang Jiali to apply for Spanish work visas is far from enough.

At the same time, after learning that Tang Jiali was going to participate in the East Asian Cup on a non-international match day, the team asked Tang Jiali to fly directly to Madrid after the East Asian Cup.
If she returns to the country to apply for a visa in isolation, the preseason training and integration will be delayed.

After many consultations, Tang Jiali first applied for the more convenient Schengen visa category of sports.
But there is a problem with the Schengen visa. It is not a work visa. Foreigners who enter Spain with this visa can only stay for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days.

This means that Tang Jiali must leave the country after staying in Spain for 3 months.
Many international players enter Spain with a Schengen visa, and then return to China to apply for a work visa after obtaining a work permit, such as Wu Lei in 2019 and many players studying abroad in Spain.

In mid-October, the work permit applied by CFF Madrid for Tang Jiali finally came down, which took 4 months.
At first, CFF Madrid tried to complete the visa conversion at the local immigration bureau, but later found that there was no shortcut.
At the beginning of November, the club informed Tang Jiali: “We can’t handle your work visa, and you need to go back to China to apply.”

Since the team played a lot at the time, the club didn’t want the players to miss too many games.
According to their past experience, “It’s okay if the visa permit is slightly overdue, as long as you submit all the documents. Many African and South American players do this, and they can finally get a work visa.” The club quarantined Chinese entry at this time.
Little is known about the adjustment of the policy. They persuaded Tang Jiali to postpone her return to China and wait until the international competition day before returning to China.

However, Tang Jiali’s team is not at ease.
After urgent communication, the players booked the earliest flight back to China.
At that time, Madrid went to China once a week, so the return time was November 8.

At this time, many days have passed since the work permit issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
According to regulations, in order not to be overdue, it can only be completed within 10 days.
It was almost impossible, but with the club’s endorsement, Tang Jiali began to prepare materials.

After landing in Chongqing, she was quarantined and returned to Shanghai five days later. Tang Jiali was quarantined for another 14 days.
During this period, with the assistance of her team and Alipay assistants, she completed the preparation of most of the materials (various translations including no criminal record, etc. double certification).
After the quarantine was lifted, accompanied by community workers, she went to the designated hospital to complete the overseas medical examination.
On December 21, Tang Jiali completed the work of signing.

When the Spanish Consulate General in Shanghai saw the time of the work permit, it shook its head again and again: “This has been overdue for more than a month, and this work permit cannot be issued.”

Tang Jiali and her team are exhausted at this time, but they are still making the last effort.

The team forwarded the consulate’s instructions and requirements to the club, and asked the team to apply for a new work permit within a week, otherwise the materials in hand would be invalid after the expiration date, and all previous efforts would be wasted.

Tang Jiali also synchronized her situation to