Achelbi: Inter Milan still believes that they can win the Serie A championship, but it depends on ourselves

January 5 In the current round of Serie A, Inter Milan beat Naples 1-0.
After the game, Inter Milan defender Acerbi accepted an interview with a reporter from Sky Sports Italy.

Acerbi said: "Today we played very well, we all know that this game will be very difficult, but we have to win this game. We defended well and left Naples with very little space.
. We managed the risk and got the win we deserved."

"Win Serie A? We believe in that, but it’s up to us. We have to keep winning and if we lose next, then the victory will be meaningless."

"We have a lot of good players, a lot of players can decide games, but in football, teamwork is the most important thing. Also, we have to have a good mentality and be humble when facing teams that are not so good.
, anything can happen in football."

(Real Steel)