Acuna withdrew from Argentina’s starting line-up unwell, and Talia Fico took the place of the game.

December 18-the World Cup final is just around the corner, and the two sides have announced the starting list.
According to a Twitter report by Argentine team reporter Gast ó n Edul, Acuna, who started in the first round, was replaced by Tariafico because he was unwell.
Argentina starters: 23-Martinez, 26-Molina, 13-Romero, 19-Otamendi, 3-Talia Fico, 7-de Paolo, 24-Enzo Fernandez, 20-McAllister, 11-DiMaria, 10-Messi, 9-Alvarez
Substitutes: 1-Almani, 12-Ruili, 2-Foise, 4-Montiel, 5-Paredes, 6-Peizerat, 14-Palacios, 15-Angel-Correa, 16-Almada, 17-Gomez, 18-Guido-Rodriguez, 21-Dibala, 22-Lautaro, 25-Lisandro-Martinez.