After the game with Ars è ne Wenger in the Gunners locker room, Saka: I finally meet you!

December 28-after Arsenal’s 3-1 victory over West Ham, Wenger visited the Gunners’ dressing room and took a photo with Saka and others.
Saka joined the Gunners Youth training Camp at the age of 7. In November 2018, six months after Ars è ne Wenger left, he joined the first team. Despite growing up at the club, Saka never really met Ars è ne Wenger. Earlier this month, he revealed: “one of my biggest regrets is not regret, but what I failed to do, is to see Wenger.”
Ars è ne Wenger has coached Arsenal for 22 years, returning to Emirates Stadium for the first time in four years. After seeing their former club beat West Ham 3-1 in the stands, the Frenchman went into the home dressing room to congratulate the team and chat with everyone, including the happy Saka. The two then hugged and took a group photo.
Saka posted the photo on Twitter with the caption “We finally meet!” The fans reacted quickly, with one fan writing: “Star Boy is with the brilliant Ars è ne Wenger.” Someone else wrote, “this is so beautiful!” Another added, “the picture we’ve been waiting for!”
Ars è ne Wenger also spoke with other Arsenal players, including Salibe, Zinchenko, Thomas and Gabriel.