After the Women’s Football West Super Cup, the players took their own medals, and the Football Association treated men’s and women’s football differently, which caused public outrage

January 23 News On Sunday afternoon, in the Spanish Women’s Super Cup final, Barcelona
Defeated Real Sociedad 3-0 and successfully defended the title.
However, what is unexpected is that the scene of the awards ceremony after the game stole the focus.

In the post-match awarding session, Barcelona vice-captain Mata Torrejon replaced Alessia, who was recuperating due to injury, first went to the stands to receive the championship trophy from Rubiales, president of the Spanish Royal Football Association, and then stepped down to the stands.
Go to the center of the court and celebrate with your teammates.

But the turning point happened when the medals were awarded. In fact, the players of the two teams needed to go to a table to receive the championship and runner-up medals from the box.
However, at the Men’s Football Super Cup awards ceremony just a week ago, leaders including Barcelona, Real Madrid and the chairman of the Football Association walked from the stands to the stadium to present medals to the players in person.
This is also in stark contrast to the treatment received by the women’s football team.

This also triggered widespread criticism from netizens on social media. Some netizens said: “The medals are still self-help. They hang them for themselves. They don’t show their faces when they present the awards.”

“The Men’s Super Cup a week ago and the Women’s Super Cup now, it can be seen that there are two sets of procedures in the same football association.”

The Football Association also responded to this matter: “The entire process of (Super Cup) is consistent with that of the Copa del Rey. The trophies will be issued in the chairman’s box of the stands, and the medals will be issued to the representatives of the participating teams.
In the room, it will be distributed.” Admittedly, this response still cannot explain the “sudden change” in the awarding process of the Men’s and Women’s Super Cups in just one week.