Agbonlahor: Tottenham didn’t start well. Conti should be responsible. They can’t keep scoring goals for their opponents

On January 1, Agbonlahor was interviewed by talk SPORT a few days ago, and he believed that Spurs had not made a strong start, so Conti should take the blame.

Agbonlahor said: “When we were players, if we lost the first goal, the coach would annoy you for a whole week. He would let you play and take the lead, and then you would attack from the beginning of the game, but Spurs seemed unable to do this.”

“I have to blame Conti, but he is very experienced and he should put pressure on the players. Tottenham had a six week rest during the World Cup and went on to score the first goal. What’s your problem? You can’t keep scoring goals for your opponents.”

Speaking of the hope of Tottenham for the fourth place, Agbonlahor said: “If Tottenham cannot reach the top four, Conte will not renew his contract and he will leave. What about Cain? Cain wants to play in the Champions League, wants to compete for the championship, and he does not want to play in the Europa League, so this season is crucial for Tottenham and their future.”