Agence France-Presse: Paris prosecutors are investigating Nasser’s accusation of kidnapping and torturing a broker

02, 28th In fact, the incident of Paris Saint-Germain chairman Nasser al-Khelaifi happened last year

The relevant content involves many key departments of the French government and high-level officials of overseas countries. It is very complicated. You can watch the link for the previous synopsis.

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Paris hired sailors to smear its players, Paris and intelligence officers of French intelligence agencies had private relationships cooperation, multiple internal stakeholders “tortured” each other, and so on.

Three investigating judges at a Paris court have been appointed to investigate allegations that a French-Algerian broker was kidnapped, detained and tortured, AFP learned from French judicial sources on Monday.
The businessman, identified as Tayeb Benabderrahmane, accused Nasser of performing the acts against him.

The judicial information was made public in late January, a judicial source said, corroborating information from the media, and three investigating judges were jointly appointed to investigate the incident.

“We are delighted that the true dossier of this story is finally the subject of an investigation by the French judiciary,” lawyers for Benabderrahmane, Mes Romain Ruiz and Gabriel Vejnar told AFP.

In the complaint, their clients denounced the fact that they were arrested in Qatar in January 2020. Benabderrahmane claimed that he had settled in Qatar three months before the incident and carried out his own business activities, in other words, matching the parties.

He claims he was imprisoned in Qatar for six months, tortured and then placed under house arrest before being finally allowed to leave in November of that year after he signed a non-disclosure agreement pledging not to release “sensitive” documents about Nasser.

According to a note from France’s Directorate General of Security (DGSI) and the National Police Directorate (IGPN), the so-called sensitive documents may include videotaped conversations between Nasser and close people, as well as his conversations with Jérôme Valcke (FIFA) and the Emir of Qatar (Tamim
ben Hamad Al Thani in relation to the organization of the World Cup in Qatar or the allocation of television rights.

Nasser himself is also the chairman of the beIN media group, and the former FIFA vice president Walker is suspected of having secretly reached an agreement with Nasser behind FIFA’s back in the 2026 and 2030 World Cup TV rights cases.
They were acquitted in Switzerland in October 2020 and will appeal in June 2022.

Nasser’s lawyers declined to comment, recalling that they were ethical and bound by contracts.
In 2020, Tayeb Benabderrahmane, assisted by Qatari and French lawyers, initiated a process to have the non-disclosure agreement cancelled.