Agent: Archer is 10 years younger or worth 50 million euros. Now it is very difficult for Inter to buy him out for 4 million.

On December 17, when interviewed by a reporter from the whole market network, the agent Pastorello talked about his client Acherbi.
Pastorello said: “Acherbi’s contract contains a buyout clause, but it is not mandatory.” We have discussed the buyout fee with Lazio president Claudio Lotito before. It is true that if Achel were 10 years younger, he might be worth 50 million euros, but he will soon be 35 years old, especially given the current financial situation of Inter. I find it hard to imagine that Inter will pay a buyout fee of about 4 million euros for the buyout of Acherbi, so I suggested that Lotito set a suitable buyout fee at that time. ”
“now Surrey is doing well at Lazio, as is Romagnoli, but Romagnoli’s characteristics are not well suited to Surrey’s tactical system. On the other hand, Acherby knows a lot about Inzaghi’s tactical system and plays an important role in the dressing room as well as his excellent performance on the pitch. He did a good job at Inter. Then if Inter really want to buy out Acherbi, I believe we will find a solution eventually. ”
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