Aguero responded and mocked Kamavenga: this is how I always broadcast Peace&Love 🥰.

December 21-after Argentina won the championship, Aguero mocked Camavenga’s face for looking like male genitals (cara de pinga) in a live broadcast.
Some netizens criticized under Aguero social media: how bad you feel when you laugh at a child who won the Champions League at the age of 19 and played in the World Cup final.
Aguero replied: you don’t understand. I don’t discriminate against him against 🤦🏽‍♂️. He will be a great player. This is a joke. This is how I always broadcast it live. Zero malice, brother. Peace and Love 🥰

Aguero replied for the first time: first of all, there is no feud between me and Kamavenga; second, it’s just a party joke. In addition, if you search the Internet, you will find that he always jokes with his own name. Don’t make trouble, 😎.