Aguero’s son got Messi’s ball pants after the game, and he asked his father to ask for Enzo’s jersey.

December 14 Beijing time ended early this morning in the World Cup semi-final, Argentina 3-0 victory over Croatia, Messi contributed to the shot, and became the best player after the game.
Messi’s best friend Aguero also watched the game and celebrated the victory with the players after the game. Aguero’s son Benjamin got a special gift-Messi’s off-court pants.
In addition, Aguero revealed in an interview that Benjamin asked him to ask for another Argentine player’s jersey: “Dad, do you want to go down?” Please get me Enzo’s jersey. ”
Also attending the celebration was the previously injured Locheso, who was the undisputed starter of Scaroni but had to undergo surgery to miss the World Cup because of a muscle injury. Locheso also went to Doha and came to the Russell Stadium to celebrate the final with the players.