Ah, this. Guangzhou goalkeeper Zhang Jianzhi gave a big gift, Guoan overtook it in 2 minutes.

December 23-the match of Guangzhou vs Beijing Guoan in the Chinese Super League is in progress. In the 33rd minute of the first half, Guangzhou goalkeeper Zhang Jianzhi made a mistake and inadvertently scored an own goal.
In this game, Guangzhou team played as a team of young players, with Wei Shihao, Yang Liyu, Yan Dinghao and other main players sitting on the bench. At the beginning of the game, Guangzhou team took the lead by Ling Jie, but in the 31st minute, Guoan equalized by Yan Yu. Only 2 minutes later, Guoan left cross restricted area, Guangzhou goalkeeper Zhang Jianzhi accidentally saved the mistake, Guoan 2-1 anti-super score.
Then Guoan scored another goal by Zhang Yuning. At the end of the half, Beijing Guoan temporarily led the Guangzhou team by 3-1.
(Jin Hao)