All decorated 🎖️ the King of Morocco received all members of the Moroccan team and awarded the Royal Medal

December 21-Morocco won fourth place in the World Cup and was received by the King of Morocco after returning home.
On Tuesday, Moroccan King Mohamed VI, accompanied by the Crown Prince, met with the Moroccan men’s national team, which reached the semi-finals of the World Cup in Qatar, creating the glory of Moroccan, Arab and African football. the interview also demonstrated the king’s great importance to the sports sector, especially football.
In the course of the reception, the King of Morocco awarded royal medals to all members of the Moroccan team, including Lekja, president of the Moroccan Football Association, and Ragraj, coach of the Moroccan Football Association. Seth, Bunu, Ashraff, Mazrawi, Amrabat, Agnes, Ziyeh and Onassi received officers’ royal medals, while other players and staff received royal medals.
At the same time, members of the Moroccan national team also presented souvenirs to the king to thank him for his support during the World Cup.
The mothers of Moroccan players also attended the reception to thank them for the patriotism and sacrifice they had instilled in their children, which was also a respect for the status of women, whom the King of Morocco regarded as an important part of the family and society.