Allegri: I hope that before the end of the month, the lineup will be neat and Juventus will rank the top four

January 3 News At 1:30 am on January 5th, , Juventus will play against Ke
Juventus coach Allegri attended the pre-match press conference.

Tomorrow the second half will officially start

"After 52 days of suspension, the league will resume fighting. The game against Cremonese will be very difficult. They have not scored in the last two official games, but in fact they are a very efficient and aggressive team.
We are a revolutionary team and if we want to win tomorrow we have to play very humbly."

How is Pogba doing now?

"He’s running and the most important thing is that he doesn’t have a problem with his knees. If that’s the case and everything goes well, he’ll be back in training in 15-20 days."

Can Ake get more game time tomorrow?

"We will evaluate the starting lineup and then make a decision. The players of the Argentina national team are back in the team and they are in good condition."

Will Chiesa be included in the squad?

"He’s in better shape and has been in training with the team and is ready to play, though maybe not the full game. I’ll have an assessment of the team’s training today and tomorrow’s game as a substitute.
The players will also play a big role."

Considering the urgency of the situation now, should Paredes and Di Maria have returned to the team earlier?

"No, absolutely not. There was never an emergency and the players who didn’t play in the World Cup have trained well during this period. From today until June 5, everyone is important. As for Paredes and Di
Maria, coming back a day early doesn’t change anything because they follow a week’s work schedule and they have the right to enjoy the joy of winning the World Cup. It doesn’t happen every year. If all goes well, Di Maria and Par
Redes will both be on the roster."

How is Szczesny doing?

"Tomorrow I will decide whether he will be able to play."

How are the three Brazilian players doing?

"They are all in good condition, but I have to evaluate again. The most important thing at the moment is to maximize the effectiveness of the team through reasonable rotation."

How are you going to convince Rabiot to stay?

"It’s useless to talk about the transfer market now, Rabiot has just finished the World Cup and he’s in good shape, and we have to focus on the game itself."

Are you afraid that Juventus may be punished for the latest investigation?

"This kind of thing should be reflected in the statement issued by the club."

Is it good or bad to restart the season now?

"Beautiful and tough. But you have to have passion and anticipation in life, that’s part of our job, otherwise it’s just going to be flat."

How is Di Maria?
What are your expectations for his performance in the second half?

"He’s doing a good job, but we have other players too, that can’t be forgotten. We want Di Maria to get back on the pitch quickly, we’re going to play about 37 games over the next five months, almost every four days.
To have a game, I need everyone."

How is Vlahovic doing?

"He’s getting better. Hopefully by the end of the month everyone will be back and able to play. The most important thing now is tomorrow’s game."

About the championship situation

"Napoli are obviously the favourites, they are top of the table, but there are still a lot of points to take. Our goal is to be in the top four and fight for the title to the end."

More injuries on the team

"Injuries are a regular occurrence, we have had many players injured and it has affected many games. But no matter what, we have to work hard to achieve our goals, to achieve each small goal until the final goal."

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