Almada: Before the final, Martin asked me to take penalty points like Mbappe and let him practice

02, 17th, the Argentine teenager Almada recently accepted an interview and revisited some moments of the World Cup in Qatar

He revealed some anecdotes about training with Dib Martinez on penalties: “The day before the final we practiced like Mbappe and Dib told me to hit like Mbappe. He wanted to
Familiar with this feeling, I almost saved one. During the game, I was very confident in Dib, because I thought he could save one or two, so I was not so nervous. But before the end of the game, I started to get nervous,
In the end we drew 3-3 after 120 minutes, it was crazy.”

“In the first half we went 2-0 very well and in the second half they equalized within two minutes. But in the second half, I think we played better.”