Alves was depressed and did not eat on the first night in prison, and the doctor refused to provide sleeping pills

January 23 News Brazilian star Alves was taken away by the police in Barcelona last Friday
, and after appearing in court, the judge announced that he was temporarily placed in prison and could not be released on bail.

According to reports from Spain, Alves was sent to Brians Central Prison No. 1 in Barcelona. Alves’ prison area held many sex crimes criminals and criminal suspects who have not yet been sentenced.
On the same day, there were three other people who were imprisoned with Alves, and all of them were treated in the same way, receiving a change of clothes and various basic daily necessities provided by the prison.

According to the charter, Alves underwent routine inspections by the prison, including a physical examination, and it was confirmed that he was not taking any drugs and did not need other treatment methods.
The doctor provided Alves with sleep aid drugs on the first night, but Alves said he didn’t need it.

Alves did not take his mobile phone with him when he went to the prison, but only a plastic bag containing his shoelaces, which police removed from his shoes before he went to court that day.
The prison was also very surprised. Unlike ordinary prisoners, Alves did not have a lawyer to visit him on his first night.

Alves’ cell was a single room with a window, a bed, a desk, and a separate bathroom and toilet.
The prison gave Alves a book and provided dinner at 10 pm, but Alves had no appetite and only ate fruit.
Prison officials say this is also a common occurrence.

Alves needed to get up the next morning to participate in the roll call at the prison, and Alves was in the cell at that time, everything was normal, but he hardly spoke or asked questions about his new life.
The whole process showed respect to outsiders, but there was no emotion.

Alves, who has just entered the prison, will not meet with other detainees until his sentencing is determined.
Before that, he will go in and out alone, even if he goes outside to let the wind go, he will be alone.
Alves will also have an IC card, which can be used to buy coffee, chocolate and other food from the vending machines in the prison.
If the sentence is determined in the future, Alves will officially enter the prison and live with other prisoners. At that time, there will be a small supermarket for him to visit.

According to the prison, Alves is not the first public figure to stay in Brians Central No. 1 Prison. The prison is also very familiar with and attaches great importance to the privacy issues of such people, especially the photos and some private information they took in prison.
It will be the key protection content.