Ancelotti: Real Madrid will not sign in winter, because Real Madrid does not need signings

February 01 News Real Madrid coach Ancelotti attended the pre-match press conference against Valencia

Mendy has been sidelined for 2 months. Under such circumstances, do you think Camavinga needs to play as a left back for a long time?
Or will Camavinga be allowed to return to the midfield as long as the personnel allow?

It is a more urgent situation for Camavinga to serve as left back, because Alaba is injured, and Nacho has also played before and played well.
Alaba can be used as a left back, we still have enough manpower in this position.

Camavinga played well at the left back position, but we will not change our view on Camavinga, that is to make him an excellent inside forward or midfielder, but Camavinga can adapt to the left back
, indicating that he is smart and humble.

Regarding the current injury problem in Real Madrid’s backcourt, what do you think should be solved?

I think our backcourt is okay because there are many players who can play in different positions, especially Nacho, which helps us a lot.
Of course, we have some injury problems, but in the last few games, Real Madrid conceded only one goal and the players played very well.

Now in February, Real Madrid is 6 points behind Barcelona, and there are still 20 league rounds. Many people think that Real Madrid may not be able to catch up. Do you think 6 points is a big gap?

6 points?
Still 5 points?

Oh yes, it should be 5 points.

I think it’s okay now. Although there were some mistakes and setbacks before, Real Madrid’s current league results are still similar to last year’s league results. Of course, Barcelona has done better.
Whether the difference is big or not, I don’t know, but Real Madrid has the confidence to fight to the end.
Now Real Madrid are getting better because we will fight for every competition.
January was difficult for Real Madrid, but we ended January in good form and I believe February will be very good for Real Madrid.

The winter transfer is over, and Real Madrid has not done anything, including the repurchase of Fran Garcia, who has to wait until the summer, so why does Real Madrid not sign in under such circumstances?

Because we don’t need to, because our preparations are done in the summer, and if we do a good job in the summer, then we don’t need to continue signing in January.
If signings are needed in January, something is wrong with the team, maybe an injury or simply not being ready for the summer.
But Real Madrid don’t need signings now because our squad doesn’t need them.

If Modric and Benzema approached you and told you that they received a 30 million annual salary contract from Saudi Arabia, what would you tell them?

(laughs) No idea, but first of all I don’t think they need to come to me, and they don’t need my advice.
But as a legend of Real Madrid, he should retire in Real Madrid. This is at least my opinion. Benzema and Modric are legends of Real Madrid.

Carvajal and Joan Armeni have resumed training. Can the two players play tomorrow, and is it possible to see the combination of Camavinga Joan Armeni starting?

Both players are recovering well, it’s been a long time, but both are 100 per cent fit and ready to play.
Alaba should come back this weekend or next week with the Club World Cup.
Of course Camavinga can partner with Joan Armeni, but at least tomorrow, Camavinga will still be left back.

Do you think Ceballos can replace Modric?

I think Ceballos has many characteristics similar to Modric, he can control and take the ball, he plays very smartly, has good skills, is also in good physical condition, full of confidence, and has a lot of fighting spirit. I think Ceballos
Si can replace Modric.

The Premier League spends 25 times more than La Liga in this transfer window. Do you think the Premier League’s money-burning model is sustainable?

I think anyone who knows the Premier League knows that the Premier League’s broadcast revenue is far ahead of other leagues, and they will definitely continue to do so. Since the Premier League has such a big advantage, they will definitely continue to sign like this.
It must be very intense and entertaining within the Premier League, but I don’t think that means that the European champions belong to the Premier League, at least not last season.

You said earlier that all players had chances, but obviously Hazard, Vallejo, Mariano, Odriosola didn’t get chances, why?

Because the other players came out, that’s the way the competition is.
Everyone knows my personality and characteristics. I am not a person who just gives players a chance to play. I am a person who wants to win.
But from a personal point of view, I am also very sad and regretful to see players who have trained hard and cannot play, but this is a professional problem, and it is also my style and characteristics.
I am not the personal coach of Benzema, Hazard or Rodrygo, I am the coach of Real Madrid.

Everyone was expecting Ancelotti to play against Gattuso again, but it failed in the end. How do you see Valencia’s decision to fire Gattuso?

I think the reason why the club fires the coach is sometimes not only the coach’s own mistakes, but also to change the team’s decline and to share more responsibilities on the players.
I think Valencia will be full of motivation tomorrow.

And for a coach, getting fired is part of the job, no coach will not be fired – of course, Guardiola may be the only exception, but if he continues to coach at Barcelona, he may be fired one day.
I myself have been fired in many places, but this is still sitting still (laughs).

If the right opportunity arises, are you prepared to