Anduhar talks about termination: four days after coming to China, his son was born, so he wants to go back to spend Christmas with his relatives.

December 16-when the Chinese Super League season has not yet ended, the two foreign aid Anduhar and Lima of Tianjin Jinmen Tiger have been terminated ahead of schedule. In an interview with Tianjin TV’s “Sports New Horizon” program, Anduhar introduced and understood the reasons for the appointment and expressed his gratitude.
Talk about the reasons for early termination of the contract and the people to be thanked
Anduhar: “Thank you very much for allowing my request from the head coach and coaching staff. Four days after I came to China, my son was born, so I especially hope to go back to stay with my relatives this Christmas and thank other foreign aid for their understanding. Thank you all for your kindness and acceptance this year. Thank you very much!”
Think back to the injuries I suffered in the ninth round of the Chinese Super League and the difficult recovery period.
Anduhar: “it is true that because of the continuous league, I also want to play all the games, so it caused the injury at that time, after that, I have been trying my best to recover.” Every day I am very strict with myself. According to the requirements of the rehabilitation teacher and the doctor, I have to finish my rehabilitation and treatment plan, so that period of time was a very difficult process for myself, but I came out. And I am very happy that I can help my companions. ”
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