Anesta: Pedri can become a top player. I believe Xavi can bring the championship to Barcelona.

On December 25, Eniesta, a former Barcelona player, was interviewed by Marca newspaper, and he talked about some topics about Barcelona.
Here is a detailed interview with Eniesta:
Busquets announced his retirement from the national team. Although he was asked to stay, he left. Does that surprise you?
It doesn’t surprise me because I have a good relationship with him and we talk about a lot of things. In addition, because of his age, he feels that the future no longer belongs to him.
You talked to Pedri in Qatar and you’ve seen him several times. How was your conversation?
We’ve talked about this several times. I want him to know that if I can help him in any way, I will be there. He is an excellent boy with great talent. If he is modest, wants to work, wants to study, wants to improve himself, he will become a top player.
What do you think of Harvey’s Barcelona?
In view of the situation when he first arrived, this is not easy, because these years have not been easy, I think the progress is positive. I know that the final title determines the future and almost everything, but the progress is positive and Barcelona can reach the heights we all want.
Do you think Barcelona will win the championship this year?
I’m sure it will happen this season. We fell in the Champions League but joined the Europa League. In La Liga, Barcelona have a very good ranking and there are still a lot of games to play, but I believe we will win the next games.