ANSA: at least 18 people were injured during Argentina’s championship parade, 6 of whom were taken to hospital for treatment

December 21-according to ANSA, at least 18 people were injured in Argentina’s World Cup victory parade, 6 of whom were seriously injured and were taken to hospital for treatment.
The celebration of winning the World Cup was held on Tuesday in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and about 5 million people across the country attended. However, there were some accidental injuries during the celebrations. Alberto Cresenti, head of Argentina’s emergency medical assistance system, confirmed to ANSA that at least 18 people were injured. Six of them were taken to Durand, Fernandez, Rivadavia and other hospitals for treatment.
Most of the injured were limb injuries, mainly due to accidental falls from trees, traffic lights and bridges. One of the most eye-catching injuries was when two fans jumped off a bridge onto a bus taken by Argentine players, one of whom hit the tail of the bus and fell on the road, and security personnel immediately rescued him.
Due to chaotic order, in order to avoid more injuries, the police finally decided to let the Argentine players leave the bus and transfer to helicopters to circle over the obelisk several times as a celebration.
(Su Erhu)