Araujo: After two consecutive losses, we need to cheer up and look forward to the duel with Real Madrid

March 1 News Araujo recently accepted an interview with the club’s official media. He encouraged Barcelona to play before the Clasico
cheer up.

Araujo said: “The team is very good, we are a big family, everyone is united. We have experienced two consecutive losses recently, but the team is very tenacious. We know our potential and we know that we and Harvey
Work together. We have to pick ourselves up and change our mentality, there is still a long way to go. We are seven points ahead, La Liga is long and difficult. We know our goals and the team must
Keep trying, stay humble and confident.”

“Clasicos are always special, everyone wants to play games like this, we know Real Madrid are a great opponent, they have great players, we are working hard and know we can compete with them, we believe in ourselves. Hopefully in
In the Copa del Rey against Real Madrid, we can be patient and calm because we cannot win the first leg, we have to play smart and we have a second leg at home.”

Talking about his growth in Barcelona, Araujo said: “Xavi and his coaching team have helped me a lot. I have made great progress under his hands. From the beginning he taught me and we watched the video together.
, analyzing the game. I’ve learned a lot since I came here, I’ve changed a lot and you can also see the difference when I joined Barcelona’s B team.”

(Goblin Slayer)