Aronson: Harland is eager to score goals and there are not many players like him

December 29-in a Premier League match that ended early this morning, Leeds lost 1-3 to Manchester City. In an interview with BBC after the game, Leeds United midfielder Aronson said that conceding the goal before the end of the first half was a big blow.
Aronson said: “it’s difficult because the conceded goal at the end of the first half was a heavy blow and in some cases we need to get better.”
On Gerhardt’s chance to score the second goal for the team, Aronson said: “there are a lot of assumptions, but we got ourselves into that situation and we need to get out of it ourselves.” We need to get better in the transition and I think we have the ball for longer than we thought. We don’t focus on the scoreboard, we need to get better and I think we can do something when we have the ball. ”
On Harland, Aronson said: “Harland has a better ability to score goals, he ran 30 to 40 yards to score goals, he is eager to score goals, there are not many players like him, he did it, it is very special.” For us, what we need is to focus on the next game and do our best. ”
(Ma Dongyu)