Arsenal want Milinkovich and he prefers to stay in Italy, 4000-50 million next summer

December 15-according to the latest report by Relevo reporter Matteo Moretto, Arsenal want Lazio midfielder Milinkovich.
In recent weeks, the English club has taken important action against the Serbian midfielder, whose contract with Lazio expires in June 2024, so Arteta is already preparing a possible offer in June.
Claudio Lotito currently requires between 80 million and 100m euros. Next summer, however, prices are likely to fall sharply, around 40 million or 50 million. The midfielder has no plans to renew his contract and Lazio risk that once his contract ends, the Serbian will leave on his own.
Arsenal, who have spent the World Cup as leaders of the Premier League, have recently been in contact with Milinkovich Savage’s agent team, but there are other possibilities to consider.
Another chaser is Chelsea. Graham Porter’s directors manage a list of four or five reports of interest. The most popular and most difficult to sign is Bellingham.
Another possible option is Juventus. This will be Milinkovich’s first choice, but his dream is to join Real Madrid. The new father of Lazio wants to continue playing in Italy. Another reason he is betting on Juventus is that his brother, goalkeeper Vanja, plays for Turin.