Arteta: Arsenal can rely on Trossard, the victory is actually a small knowledge

02, February 12 After Arsenal’s 1-1 draw with Brentford, Arsenal
Coach Arteta was interviewed by the broadcaster.

“It was a very tough game and we saw that, thanks to the way they played. But I think we dominated and had good moments. We scored a goal against their deep defense
, the bees worked hard to drag the game into their own rhythm.

Really happy for Trossard and the team because he is a player who can contribute when it matters.
I think he did a great job today.
He’s a very brave player when the game is under pressure and I think Arsenal can count on him.

Victory is actually a matter of small knowledge. At the moment of winning, your victory is actually very small.
But if you have no way to occupy this tiny moment, then do your best not to lose what you have.
I think the team’s performance today is still good.
Another big game (against Manchester City) is next.
We know this and we will be prepared.
This will be another important and beautiful show.