Arteta: we have a choice to replace Jesus. The position at the top of the list proves our strength.

December 21-Arteta gave an interview to Arsenal’s official website, in which he talked about the coaching staff and the team.
About the offseason.
I watched a lot of football games during the intermission, which is also a good opportunity for our coach to understand the changes in modern football and the tactics of other coaches. Our players come from different countries and regions and it is a very good thing that they can all participate in the World Cup. I talked to the coaching staff about a few things. the first is that we need to give enough rest to the players who come back from the World Cup. Then, we will analyze our performance before the interval in order to better understand our current situation. In addition, we also asked others to evaluate our performance. Now, we need to get ready for the warm-up game.
About the trip to Dubai
Many of our players went to the World Cup, which left us with only ten players in the team, so we chose to train in Dubai, which is good. In addition, we also allow the players’ families to join us and they will spend some time with us. We played two fierce games in Dubai and a lot of players got the chance to play, which is a great thing.
About Jesus.
It is a pity that Jesus suffered an injury, which is a big blow to us. He is a very important player for us. He has brought a lot of special things to the team and no one can replace him. But we have other players in our team, we have other options and we will try our best to solve this problem. In addition, we will also try to find a solution to the problem in the transfer market. Jesus is really a very unique player, but Nketia also has incredible ability and he matches the way we play. In addition, Martinelli and Smith Luo are our other options up front.
About the game against West Ham
The game against West Ham is very special and we will play it on Boxing Day, which is a special day for the British and we miss it very much. I know Moyes very well. I worked with him for seven years. I very much understand what Moyes has done for the team and he has put a lot of energy into the team. The team has been doing very well since he joined West Ham and I think it must be a very difficult game.
About the situation of the team
We have to play one game at a time. The world of football is changing very quickly and we may have a big change within a week. However, we need to have a clear understanding of our position and our abilities, and it shows that we are at the top of the table, and now we need to maintain this state for the rest of the season, but given the overall level of the Premier League, this is undoubtedly a huge challenge. Since last season, our team has received some important additions. We have a full pre-season preparation period this year, which is very helpful to us. In addition, the return of the fans is also a big change for the game, which makes us feel different.