As front page: real Madrid want to sign Alfonso Davis in 2024, the player is worth 67.8 million euros

December 27, “as” today’s front page theme: a flash of lightning in 2024, Real Madrid want to sign Alfonso Davis.
The main headlines of as newspaper include:
Alfonso Davis, 22, is regarded by Real Madrid as the future “No. 3”
His speed (up to 36 kilometers per hour this year) and experience are the most valued.
Worth 67.8 million euros, the highest price among players in the same position.
The contract will end in 2025, (2024) in favor of Real Madrid and Bayern
Chelsea want to take Felix on loan
Dembele or Lafinia, one of whom will leave the team in the summer
Lopetge’s Wolves beat Everton 2-1.
(Qi Zi Cake)