Aspen: Suarez will make his debut at Gremio today, and 40,000 fans are expected to attend

January 4, "Aspen" reported that Suarez will officially make his debut at Gremio today.
40,000 fans were there to welcome him.

More than 26,000 fans have reserved seats at home, ready to witness Suarez’s appearance, and the specific number is expected to reach 40,000.

The joining of Suarez has ignited the enthusiasm of Gremio fans. Since Gremio officially announced the signing of the Uruguayan veteran, the club has added more than 1,000 members. When the club office opens after the holiday, there will be more new members
The registration letter needs to be processed, because now fans can only register members online.

The sales of Gremio jerseys are also rising. From 4 pm on December 31 to January 2, Gremio sold 1,500 pieces of Suarez’s No. 9 jersey. Don’t look at the number.
Not many, you must know that during the entire month of January 2022, Gremio only sold 1,866 jerseys.
Among them, the blue third jersey, which is designed like the Uruguay jersey, is the most popular.

(Goblin Slayer)