attention, Bayern, please! Photo Gallery: Menxing is willing to sell Zomo for 5 million euros in January

December 21-according to German media Bild, Bayern Munich are currently looking for a new number one goalkeeper for the second half of the season, while Swiss goalkeeper Zomo from Menchengladbach is the hot candidate they are considering.
“Bild” said that in the case of Neuer’s injury, Bayern Munich executives do not intend to rely solely on Ulrich as the first goal in the second half of the season, because he once made an unforgettable mistake. That is, in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid in 2018, Ulrich was very hesitant when he picked up a hasty return from Toliso and was finally seized by Benzema to score a goal, leading to Bayern Munich’s exit. This mistake left a deep impression on the senior management of Bayern Munich and is still unforgettable. Although Ulrich is still valued at Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich executives do not want to give up the introduction of a new goalkeeper under the pretext of not doing their best to succeed.
In terms of candidates for a new goalkeeper, apart from Nobel, who is on loan in Monaco, the one who is most likely to join Bayern Munich is Zomo of Menchengladbach. Bild said that on the one hand, the player is willing to play in Bayern Munich during the winter break, on the other hand, Menchengladbach is also willing to sell it during the winter break, and the transfer fee is only about 5 million euros. Because his contract with Menchengladbach expires next summer and shows no sign of renewal.