AZP: In the first half of the battle against Nottingham Forest, the control was good, but failed to create a threat and scored the second goal

January 2, Chelsea drew 1-1 with Nottingham Forest in the 18th round of the Premier League.
Later, in an interview, Azpilicueta talked about the team’s performance.
AZP said: "We regret that this is not the way we want to start the new year." "I think we controlled the game well in the first half, but maybe we didn’t create enough threats to score the second goal.
If we can score, it might be easier in the second half. Although we had some conversion opportunities at the beginning of the second half, they gave us a lot of pressure and made us unable to get rid of it." "When a team is behind, you
Expect some reaction from them, we couldn’t find space and they were playing at home so when you’re 1-0 up you think they’re going to respond and we didn’t manage well." "They created some chances,
Then a set-piece cost us two points, conceding after three touches in the box, that’s a pity, obviously we shouldn’t have let the opposition score in that area." (vivian)