B fee: Sabitzer brings more choices to Manchester United’s midfielder, I believe he can help the team

February 04 Next, Manchester United will soon usher in the same team as Crystal Palace in the Premier League
the match of.
Before the game, Manchester United player B Fee accepted an interview on the club’s official website.

B Fei said in the interview: “The current information is about the game against Crystal Palace, because it will be a very difficult game. We don’t have time to rest, we don’t have time to rest, because we know how difficult it is to play in the Premier League.

“We know how difficult it is in the League Cup, in the FA Cup, against Barcelona in the Europa League. We have to focus on Crystal Palace because we didn’t get the result we wanted at home, so now we have to
Do the best we can.”

“About the final, obviously it’s an amazing feeling to be in a final, but it’s always tough if you don’t win. I said this once in Portugal: ‘You play a final to win’, obviously in
That’s what people expect of you at this club.”

“Whenever we start thinking about going to the final, we need to come up with a better mentality than in the previous game, this is a game that will give us a huge boost for the rest of the season. Yes, I am very impressed with the previous game.
Not a good memory from the away game against Leipzig because they knocked us out of the Champions League. Sabitzer is a good player, he is a very good midfielder.”

“Sabitzer can shoot from outside the box, he can score beautiful goals, he can give us more midfield options when Eriksson is injured, he is a player who makes the competition for places more competitive.
Intense player.”

“We all know that it takes a lot to occupy a place in the team and we have another player fighting for that position, so we all have to give our all, including the midfielder who started on Wednesday,
Me, Casemiro, Fred.”

“We’re really happy to have Sabitzer and we think he can help us. I think he’s fully fit and he’ll be playing all the time, so hopefully he can help us a lot.”